S.2590 amended

The THOMAS site hasn’t been updated yet but here’s the amended version of S.2590. The revisions are as follows: 

  1. Enactment date delayed from beginning of 2007 to beginning of 2008;
  2. Requirement for a 10-year archive of data has been removed;
  3. Individual transactions under $25,000 are exempted from the bill requirements;
  4. Data from existing databases (FAADS, FPDS, and Grants.gov) can be used if they can be accessed through a consolidated search function;
  5. Established pilot program for subaward reporting to give subaward stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback on how best to collect and report subaward data;
  6. Added a study on how to best implement a government-wide program to collect and report subaward data;
  7. Added requirements to minimize the burdens and costs to grantees and contractors of reporting subaward data;
  8. Pushed back requirement of subaward reporting to 2009 from mid-2007; and
  9. Allowed reporting/compliance costs to be booked as indirect costs.

The omission of the 10 year archive brings this closer to H.R. 5060, and reusing FAADS and FPDS data is an excellent jump-start, too. The bill is still very specific about the data elements that should be searchable, namely: 

  • Name of the awardee
  • Amount of the award
  • Information on transaction type, funding agency, NAICS and CFDA numbers, program source, and award title
  • Location of awardee, and place of performance for the funded activity
  • A unique identifier for the awardee (and any parent organization)
  • Anything else that the OMB thinks is relevant