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July 21, 2008


Devika Narine

I have been trying to get grant assistant for a small business started up but all the answers I received is that ypu have pay first to get the first set and that is not yet the APPLICATION PLEASE ADVISE


We don't assist applicants with grants. Please go to the Grants.gov Web site and review the information for applicants that is available there. Good luck!

Dagne Bowles

I am interested in starting a copywriting business.

Dagne Bowles

How do I apply for a grant?

Karla Timon

I would like to buy distressed homes, fix them up and resale them or have them available for rent for
people with low incomes. Is there such a grant available"

Thank you


Folks, we do NOT represent the Federal government, assist with grant applications, or anything of that kind. We're an IT consulting company that specializes in building grants management systems. For all grant-related questions, please visit Grants.gov.

Darrell Burns

please tell me if there is agrant for a disabled veteran too buy a better home or to make one better thanks

Reseller eBooks

Having read all the previous comments and the questions regarding grant applications being directed towards grants.gov. I will reserve those questions for them. Thank you Dave.


They don't exist at the federal level. You were right to be leary of those grant webietss. They are scams.Check if your state has some sort of housing finance agency. They probably won't do a grant but they may do a loan. Unfortunately, with the bad economy, these types of programs are some of the first to get cut.

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